Energy Exercises

There are many different Energy Exercises around the World. The most popular are Indian Yoga and Pranayama, Tibetan Buddhist practices and Chinese Qi Gong. There are literaly thousands of styles and they each have different effect. 

We teach all levels of Chinese Qi Gong, from basic level to the most advanced practices. 

The basic level of Qi Gong serves to increase the energy, stamina and vitality and general well-being.

The intermediate level of Qi Gong serves to open all energy channels (so called meridians) in the body, this can have remarcable effect on the health. For this level we offer Buddhist - Shaolin 16 Lohans System, Bao Yuan Shou Yi system and Inner Yin Yang system.

The highest levels of Qi Gong, if practiced diligently and for prolonged time, can confer amazing levels of health and for most dedicated practitioners, prolonging the lifespan. For this level we offer Taoist Peng Tzu system (4400 years lineage) and Nei Dan (Elixir of Immortality) system.

The basic level of Qi Gong is simple, easy to learn and positive results can come fairly soon. Anyone can benefit. 
The higher levels of Qi Gong is not for everyone, one needs to have a serious interest and dedication. But those who persist, are rewarded.
We have students who just want to improve the vitality, while others develop the energy to achieve the highest levels of Qi Gong. 

We proudly serve clients and students in different countries by travels, webcasts and localy in Vancouver.

Our local classes are held in:

SMB Centre, 112 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Basic Class: Weekly every Thursday, 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Intermediate Class:  Monthly, Second Sunday in a month, 11:00am - 12:00am

Advanced Class:  Weekly every Sunday, 10:00am - 11:00am

Our Webcasts are arranged privately.


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