Burnout Program

Just Low Energy, Or Are You Burned Out?

Health professionals are the caregivers of humanity and help others live healthier and happier lives, at every stage of life. Yet, the ones who care the most are the ones with the highest risk of burnout, significantly greater than any other population. Studies state an alarming 60% of caregivers experience high stress levels and burnout at work.

Besides caregivers, a 2004 Statistics Canada study reported 3,400,000 Canadian workers suffered from burnout. Since then, the numbers have continued to rise.

Unfortunately, many don’t recognize the symptoms of burnout until more serious health or life challenges arise.

Who Will Benefit from Our Services?

         Busy Executives




         Health Educators

         Wellness Practitioners 

What You Will Learn

          What is the root cause of burnout?

         What personality types are predisposed to burnout?

         How does negative self-image contribute to burnout?

         What are the physical, emotional, and mental signals that help you to recognize your risk of burnout, and their effect upon your personal health?

         How the power of meditation and Energy exercises can heal and prevent burnout?

         What self-help practices will reduce stress, and strengthen your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity?

         This unique and exquisite blend of science and spirituality will be informative and profoundly impactful to help you Identify, heal and prevent burnout. 

Personal ConsultationsWorkshops and On-going classes can be arranged for single individuals and groups.

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To Register for upcoming Stress Management & Burnout Prevention with Qi Gong, Whole Day Workshop for Professionals (Psychologists) as Continuous Professional Education.

6 CCPA-ACCP Credits Approved
6 EMDR Credits Approved

December 12 2017,  9:00am - 4:00pm

Park Inn Hotel

898 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1J8

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